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MSA-650 IRIS Micro System Analyzer for areal scanning through capped MEMS

New IR-optical measurement solution for analysis of dynamic response of capped microstructures

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Polytec modal analysis of turbine blades

Aircraft fuel consumption is a hot topic in the debate on global climate change. One important factor is the design of the aircraft engine itself. The…

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Laser measurement technology for quiet drones

Vibrations generate disturbing noise and disrupt the function of technical systems. Both challenges exist in the development of drones, which on the…

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Vibroflex QTec reinventing vibrometry

The revolution of vibration measurement with the patented QTec® technology enters the next round – now available for PSV Scanning Vibrometers

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QTec® technology improves the signal-to-noise level in vibration measurements

Multi-detector principle improves signal quality

The signal quality of a laser vibrometer measurement depends on the intensity of the backscattered…

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