Superior flexibility in optical vibration measurement 

With VibroFlex, Polytec presents the superior flexibility in optical vibration measurement with a modular sensor solution that adapts to your needs: Choose from laser sensor heads with different laser wavelengths and technologies like QTec®. Add microscope optics for tiny structures or measure large, complex samples like machinery or motors from a safe distance. Discover acoustics and vibration phenomena in research and product development for a faster time-to-market or use it for reliable in-line inspections of your production parts with the focus on cost-efficiency.


  • High-performance non-contact vibration measurement solution
  • Flexible, modular sensor solution that adapts to your needs
  • Sub-pm displacement resolution and vibration velocities up to 30 m/s
  • Configurable bandwidth from DC to 24 MHz with highest time resolution

Patented QTec® multi-path interferometry for best SNR

  • Compact sensor head with integrated camera for precise laser positioning and sample monitoring
  • SHM and condition monitoring from more than 300 m distance
  • Differential fiber optic sensor head for separating relative motions
  • Reliable measurement even on challenging surfaces (dark, oily, shiny, hot)
  • Digital data interface for convenient setup and best SNR

Vibration analysis for research, development and testing

Resolve from DC to 24 MHz bandwidth, sub-picometer displacements and up to 30 m/s fast movements. Easily access confined spaces using fiber-optics and analyze relative motions with differential optics. Use an integrated video camera for precise laser positioning. Measure vibrations reliably and with laser precision on all surfaces – no matter if dark, oily, shiny or (red) hot and from more than 300 m distance. 

Configurable front-end and a selection of laser sensor heads

The VibroFlex modular vibrometer comprises the configurable front-end Connect with a 7” multi touch screen and a selection of laser sensor heads. Connect is the hub for decoding raw measurement data in displacement, velocity and acceleration, signal conditioning and data interfacing - both analog and digital. The modular concept simplifies handling and parametrization without touching the sensors and hence influencing the measurement procedure. With the optional VibroLink digital interface to the VibSoft data acquisition and analysis software, the system is ready to go. 

Benefit from the superior flexibility in optical vibration measurement – with VibroFlex.

Patented QTec® powerful on all surfaces

Always stable signal, 20 dB better SNR for faster and clearer results without post-processing: QTec® laser vibrometers use multi-path interferometry and reception diversity for recombining the best readings from different perspectives for faster and more consistent results  while avoiding the need for averaging. This safe laser technology is perfect for challenging applications such as NDT, biomedical, long distance displacement measurements, quasi-static displacement measurement and shaker feedback control. The patented and highly innovative technology QTec® makes vibration measurements faster, easier and more reliable than ever - for the most robust, unambiguous results.

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Everything vibrates - VibroFlex as the superior flexibility in optical vibration measurement 

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Best SNR with patented QTec® multi-path interferometry

The patented QTec® laser interferometer technology grants outstanding measurement data quality and best SNR (signal-to-noise ratio). QTec® comes into play, when measuring dynamics, acoustics and vibrational behavior especially on challengeing engineered object surfaces. Using the multi-detector concept of QTec® avoids speckle-dropouts and secures an all-time stable signal, for vibration analysis on fast moving or rotating sample objects.

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