Full-field vibrometers

Full-field vibrometers measure the areal and complex vibrational behavior in a non-contact and non-destructive way based on the laser Doppler principle. Vibrometers from Polytec are established RnD tools that significantly shorten development times by providing comprehensive and precise insights into acoustics and dynamics of vibrating structures. The meaningful visualization of Eigenmodes and operating deflection shapes based on high fidelity data will take your FE model validation to the next level. All full-field vibrometers are turnkey solutions with diverse upgrade options, comprising sensor head, data acquisition and analysis software. As your requirements grow, you can upgrade and expand Polytec vibrometers step-by-step up to fully automized testing solutions from DC to the Megahertz range. Polytec is pioneering advanced technologies like infrared (SWIR) lasers, FPGA-based digital decoding, patented multi-path interferometry QTec® for providing best performance in non-contact vibration testing.

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