Quality inspection of semiconductors and solar technology

Do you work with innovative technologies and materials in the solar, semiconductor and electronics industries? Do you develop, make or test printed circuits, PCBs, electronic modules, electronic assemblies or PV modules? Are you striving to create smaller, more powerful and extremely reliable structural elements, components or modules? Yes? Then you need powerful measurement and testing methods for developing and ensuring the quality of your products and components and for monitoring them in the long term. Components’ dynamic behaviour in particular, is a key quality indicator and allows the user to draw conclusions as to both the reliability and the service life of their electronic or photovoltaic assemblies and products. In this situation, Polytec’s optical vibration sensors with laser vibrometers are indispensable tools for you – whether you’re carrying out dynamic tests in research, design and industrial testing, or monitoring processes such as the bond process when manufacturing power electronics.

Your PolyXpert in Vibrometry