RSS-FEED Optical Surface Metrology

With the TopMap Pro.Surf+, the TopMap family is complete for now. We have used this opportunity to briefly introduce all the... (12.09.2016) read more >>

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Polytec is the market leader for non-contact, laser based vibration and velocity measurement instrumentation. Our innovative solutions allow our customers to maintain their own technical leadership across many fields.

Featured Solutions

Industrial Length & Speed Control

Optimize footage counting, cut-to-length and length verification with Polytec's LSV, the non-contact encoder.

Automated Structural Dynamic Test Lab

3D Vibration Measurement to validate FE Models, Modal Analysis, NVH Trouble-shooting, Damping Material.

Microsystem & MEMS Analyzers

For resonant frequency, stiffness, damping and topography of mirror arrays, resonators and actuators.

Testing Services

For Structural Dynamics, Acoustics and Ultrasonic measurement needs – Polytec provides services at your facility or in one of our labs.

InFocus Magazine

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Acoustic Camera

Visualize sound quickly and precisely. Contact us to learn more.