Automated experimental modal analysis

The RoboVib® Structural Test Station combines a 3D Scanning Vibrometer with an industrial robot – to create a productive vibration analysis solution. The automated measuring station automatically tests everything from complex components to entire vehicle bodies. Both the amount of time required and the sources of error in experimental modal analysis are reduced significantly. So you can therefore thoroughly test a vehicle body, for example, in just one to two days, whereas you would previously have needed weeks to even prepare for the test itself.


  • Non-contact, automatic laser vibration measurement
  • Full-field measurement with high spatial resolution
  • Saves time compared with to a conventional modal test
  • Greater productivity due to fully automatic measurement – even overnight
  • Reduced test preparation requirements due to reusable test programs
  • Errors are avoided due to CAD and FE data being used for test definition purposes

Carry out fully automatic modal tests overnight

RoboVib® makes your modal tests far easier compared to using conventional tactile sensors:

  • No definition and marking of spots as a sub-quantity of the FE mesh
  • Eliminates the need for dummy masses due to non-intrusive laser technology
  • Eliminates the need to wire all the sensors
  • Incorrect measurements due to defective or mixed-up cables are a thing of the past
  • Sensor position is not measured in the coordinates system (Euler angle)
  • Sensor dismantling and calibration are a thing of the past.


RoboVib® offers you other valuable benefits with its clever concept:

  • High spatial resolution for correlation with the acoustic FE model
  • Results are directly returned to the nodal points in the FE mesh’s coordinates system – avoiding interpolation and time-consuming post-processing
  • Re-use of the individual measuring programs
  • Incorporate RoboVib® results into any development landscape with direct interfaces to common modal analysis programs such as ME’scope, FEMtools™ or VMap™ and universal file export.

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