Reliable pass-fail analysis in-line or at-line

In industrial processes, everything depends on high precision during the manufacturing process, and accordingly tight tolerances must be complied with if this is to be achieved. Modern production measuring technology ensures that these limits are complied with at all times. After all, you will only continuously achieve high product quality if you use precise instruments.

Optical surface measurement systems that can be integrated in the production line as in-line applications detect defective parts within the process. These results enable you to take precautions that adjust production operations in good time. Reliable pass/ fail decisions in production lines increase efficiency and keep your reputation high.

Polytec's white-light interferometers allow non-contact assessment of both structures and surfaces in just the blink of an eye. In many cases, an object’s entire topography needs to be checked prior to certification. Polytec TopMap surface metrology increases testing efficiency due to its large areal measurements.

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