Synchronous optical vibrometry with up to 48 channels

With the laser-based MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer from Polytec, you can carry out time-synchronous measurements with up to 48 channels and represent both frequency-dependent and time-dependent deflection shapes. The fiber-optic sensor heads are freely configurable and allow you to perform flexible measurements – both parallel to a surface or arranged individually around the sample you’re using to record all the measurement values.


  • Non-contact and reactionless vibration sensing
  • Capture transient and non-stationary events in a single synchronous measurement
  • Flexible and user-configurable up to 48 optical channels
  • Time- and frequency resolved deflection shapes in 3D
  • Non-contact vibration measurement
  • Best optical sensitivity avoids surface preparation
  • Eye-safe laser

Perfectly capture the defining moment

You can use the multipoint vibrometer to analyze time-critical phenomena with maximum resolution:

  • ­Full-field evaluation of settling & decay events
  • ­Non-stationary processes (e.g. fluid machines, valves)
  • ­Environmental tests with variable excitation profiles or temperatures
  • ­Run-up of electric drives and combustion engines
  • ­Transient events (e.g. shock, switching)

The Polytec MPV software allows you to conveniently configure all the channels (including the reference channels) and the optional signal generator. The deflection shapes in both the time and the frequency range are shown superimposed on the object geometry in 3D for analysis purposes.

You can use the MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer to conduct measurements on lightweight or hot objects – especially those with sensitive or soft surfaces – without influencing the sample. Such measurements also include biomedical applications, where the eye-safe laser technology is particularly beneficial.

MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer for door-slam testing

Related areas of applications

Accessories and components

Optical accessories

MPV-0-810 Fiber Head MR 3 m

With manual focusing mid range lens. Stand-off distance: 0.5 m - 5 m. Fiber cable length: 3 m.

MPV-0-810 Fiber Head MR 5 m

With manual focusing mid range lens. Stand-off distance: 0.5 m - 5 m. Fiber cable length: 5 m.

A-MIR-xxxx Mirror Sets

Polytec's mirror sets contain different sizes of mirrors to assist in the set-up of your measurement.

Tripods, test stands, positioning stages

MPV-A-T20 Stand for Fiber Heads

Flexible Stand System with horizontal bars, which can be adjusted individually, for mounting up to 12 Fiber Heads.

MPV-A-T25 Fiber Head Frame Stand

For narrow configuration of up to 24 fiber heads. Recommended for measurement on small and rotating parts.

VIB-A-T20 Heavy Duty Tripod

For MPV-A-T20 and MPV-A-T25.

MPV-A-T20-B Base Plate for Stand

Compatible to MPV-A-T20 and MPV-A-T25, for table top and low measurement height.


MPV-A-830 Signal Level Display

For convenient focus optimization. Displays the signal level bar for one of the 8 vibrometer channels of the Optical Unit at time.

MPV-D-850 Signal Generator

Internal signal generator, controlled via MPV software.

MPV-E-860 IEPE (ICP®) Power Supply

With integrated amplifier for 8 reference channels.

MPV-A-860 Fiber Head Storage

Storage Unit for up to 8 Fiber Heads, while fiber cables can stay connected to the Optical Unit.

MPV-A-880 Protective Cover for Optical Unit

Front cover to protect the optical fibers in harsh environments.

A-FOP-0001 Fiber Optics Inspection Microscope

A-FOP-0003 Cleaning Device for Fiber Socket

A-FOP-0004 Cleaning Device for Fiber Connector

Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer SAM

Excitation of sample for experimental modal tests with repeatable force level. Broadly configurable and avoids double hits reliably.

Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer SAM

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