Full-field vibration measurement on small components 

Use the MSA-050 Micro System Analyzer from Polytec for vibrations studies on small components and microsystems with a high degree of precision over the entire surface. The optical measurement instrument allows the detailed assessment in a non-contact and non-invasive way and therefore captures the true dynamics of even small samples in a completely undistorted way. The tried-and-tested and continuously optimized Polytec Scanning Vibrometer software makes working with the system intuitive and simple, enabling researchers and engineers to create meaningful animations of the measured phenomena.


  • High-resolution vibration analysis; up to 2 MHz bandwidth
  • Non-contact and fast measurement
  • Simple operation with tried-and-tested PSV software
  • Meaningful animation of the measurement results

The entry-level testing solution for microstructures

This Micro System Analyzer features a compact table-top stand with a manual z-axis and a digital single-point vibrometer. The MSA-050 is equipped with a motorized xy table. The sample is moved and scanned using the software for full-field vibration measurement. All the electronics are housed in a 19” electronics rack to create a space-saving solution.

Accessories and components

Optical accessories

Icon accessory
Icon accessory

Digital Displacement Decoder

Optional vibrometer decoder delivering high resolution displacement signals

VIB-A-10xLENS 10x Microscope Lens

Providing a laser spot diameter of 3 μm at 37.3 mm stand-off distance.

VIB-A-20xLENS 20x Microscope Lens

Providing a laser spot diameter of 1.5 μm at 21.7 mm stand-off distance.

VIB-A-510 Illumination Module

LED light source providing a coaxial illumination of the test object. Highly recommended for use with the VIB-A-10xLENS / VIB-A-20xLENS Microscope Lenses.


Icon accessory
Icon accessory


Joystick for convenient manual control of the xy-positioning stage.

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