Reliable sensors for industrial quality assurance

In the consumer and capital goods industries, both product optimization and process optimization play a vital role when it comes to economic success. Quality assurance in production therefore relies on fast, automated and robust measurement instrumentation.

Acoustic quality control is a versatile, non-destructive method designed to ensure both the quality and reliability of products and production processes. It supplies information about the vibration behavior and thus informs you about impermissible deviations in the production process and the condition of test objects.

Polytec offers you the right solutions for this: sensors, software and hardware modules. The laser vibrometers are robust and reliable sensors for complete parts control in final production testing. The major benefits for you lie in the fact that they are non-contact, are set up to suit industrial processes and can be put to flexible use. Polytec vibration sensors are compatible and easy to integrate into complete test stations for production testing. The diagnosis software QuickCheck automatically measures and evaluates the measurement data for reliable pass-fail decisions and classification of parts.