Optical length and speed sensors

Polytec LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters are optical high-precision sensors supporting the production process of strip goods and piece goods reliably. Whether you are producing belts, pipes or profiles with a shiny, matt or red hot surface – a Polytec LSV easily integrates into the production line, providing highest accuracy measurement of the surface velocity or cut lengths in a non-contact way and from a safe distance. The LSV product line covers compact sensors and models certified according to MID (European measurement instruments directive).

Compact Velocimeter

Polytec’s compact velocimeters allow you to contactlessly measure both the length and the velocity of continuous material and piece goods. 

MID-Certified Velocimeter

The MID-Certified velocimeter is Polytec’s compact LSV for calibrated equipment – perfect if you’re selling products by length. It is certified in line with 2014/32/EU (MID).

Measurement services

Unser Serviceangebot macht hochgenaue Messungen von Länge und Geschwindigkeit durch Auftragsmessungen und Systemvermietungen für jedermann verfügbar. 

Technical Service

Optical measurement systems keep their value even after many years of use. Modularly structured Service will help you to maintain the equipment to be ready for use with its latest technical revision at any time.

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