LSV-1000 Laser Surface Velocimeter

Non-contact speed and length measurement for strip products with laser precision

Measure speed and length with laser precision

When producing continuous material (such as strip products) and piece goods in rolling or paper mills, for example, knowing the exact strip length and the current velocity is key if you are to optimize your costs and processes. Non-contact sensors such as the LSV-1000 laser surface velocimeter substantially exceed the performance of conventional contact-based and contactless measurement methods. At the same time, they offer a high level of robustness and reliability in very demanding industrial environments and additionally benefit from minimal maintenance requirements and low maintenance costs.

Compact, reliable, cost-efficient

For reliable processes, controlled velocity and precise cut lengths: make the most of the application advantages offered by laser-based optical length and velocity measurements and, at the same time, benefit from the cost-effectiveness and simple integration as a result of the compact all-in-one design.

The LSV-1000 represents Polytec’s latest generation of compact velocimeters for performing non-contact length and velocity measurements on strip products. The measuring device quickly and reliably provides you with length and velocity values for inspection and cut-to-length applications with the precision that can only be achieved through using a laser. This allows you to optimize your process, cut your maintenance costs and thus get a fast return on the investment you made in your measuring device. Irrespective of whether your measuring task involves performing measurements on steel, shiny aluminum, oily sheet materials, wire, cable or non-metallic materials such as wood, cardboard, building materials and textiles – you can rest assured that the LSV system can take measurements on virtually any surface.

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Industrial Length and Speed Control

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