TMS-500-R TopMap Pro.Surf+

Combined Form Deviation and Roughness Measurement

Combined Form Deviation and Roughness Measurement

The new (TMS-500-R) TopMap Pro.Surf+ conveniently determines form deviation and roughness in a single step – it’s fast, reliable and precise. TopMap Pro.Surf (TMS-500), the high-end solution, is being upgraded to create an all-in-one device – thanks to the integrated roughness sensor and the new data acquisition concept. Pro.Surf+ is ideal for quickly and easily measuring precision-made surfaces – in the metrology chamber, close to production and even right in the production line thanks to a high level of repeatability.

The TopMap Pro.Surf+ offers the customized solution for all surface characterization requirements using parameters such as flatness, step heights, parallelism and roughness. All in all, the spatial resolution, the telecentric lens and the speed cut a very impressive figure indeed.

The combination of a white-light interferometer with chromatic confocal technology means that no details are overlooked. Two million spots are recorded on a large 44 x 33 mm measuring surface in a matter of seconds without any need for stitching – and the surface area can even be extended to 230 x 220 mm. What with a 70 mm vertical measurement range and excellent vertical resolution regardless of the image field sizes, there is plenty of leeway for flexible measuring tasks. The telecentric lens even reaches hard-to-access areas, such as holes.

The even faster data acquisition in the new-generation device helps to comply with cycle times and the required speed. Integrated machine vision tools such as automatic pattern recognition suberbly speed up the quality assurance process. Several test objects are captured simultaneously in a single pass – without any need for mechanical mounting and with the image field arranged as desired.

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TMS-500 TopMap Pro.Surf

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Polytec’s configurable, chromatic confocal sensors of the TopSens series enable fast quality inspections in-line.