Polytec’s optical surface metrology range includes innovative, high-precision and non-contact tools. They are based on the principle of white-light interferometry, which is also known as coherent or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. Thanks to their large vertical range and nanometer resolution, they are perfect for contactlessly measuring the flatness, step heights and parallelism of large surfaces and structures – on almost all materials.

Microscope-Based Systems

Thanks to the microscopic light beam path, with these Polytec models you can get the resolution of even the finest lateral details on microstructures. The process is very simple and user-friendly.

TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab

With the TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab, you can characterize microstructures’ surfaces with a very high lateral resolution. The optical profilometer contactlessly determines parameters such as texture, flatness, ripple and roughness on both fine and sensitive structures. The Polytec Smart Surface scanning technology even measures areas of a surface with different reflectivities.