Transportable NIR spectrometer integrated in a compact case system for applications outside the laboratory

The compact PSS Mobility Kit spectrometer system is ready to use at any time due to the fixed scan head with defined working distance, the rotating sample plate and the integrated reference. Since the system is completely integrated in a compact case with removable casters, it can be transported and installed quickly and without a great deal of effort. The kit is rounded off by the simple and user-friendly SL Predictor software package used for laboratory and production analytics. Protection against light, wind and splash water enables operation even outside the laboratory and under difficult environmental conditions. The areas of application include the rapid inspection of goods being measured directly on site, in addition to or in preparation for systematic process control and in-lab analyses.


SL Predictor software package for simple spectra acquisition, as well as for qualitative and quantitative chemometric analysis

Scan head with combined illumination and sensor unit for measurements in reflection

Polychromator with holographic 3D transmission grating

InGaAs diode array detector, one-step TE cooling

Ethernet interface for connection to a PC

Including PSS-S-DRV standard driver

Adjustable measurement field size

Automatic white balance

Stainless steel housing, protection class IP64

Fiber probes, sample holders and light sources available


Your PolyXpert in Process Analytics