Measuring liquid or viscous samples

The PSS-H-CR1 reflection immersible probe is the right choice for measuring liquid or viscous samples. The probe is also available in a version that is suitable for use in the food industry.


Robust stainless steel housing with sapphire window

Special “9 around 1” fiber configuration for a superior signal-to-noise ratio

Variable flanges for convenient installation at different measuring stations

reflection immersible probe
reflection immersible probe, fluids

Related Products

PSS-H-A03 Distance Sensor Head

PSS-H-A03 Distance Sensor Head

The PSS-H-A03 distance sensor head is a reflection sensor head that allows the user to carry out sample measurements at distances of between 150 and 600 mm. This makes it ideal for analyzing goods being measured on conveyor belts, for strip products and for similar applications.

Contact sensor head for short distances

PSS-H-B01 and PSS-H-B02 Contact Sensor Heads

The PSS-H-B01 and PSS-H-B02 contact sensor heads are reflection sensor heads which allow you to measure samples – which are being transported through the likes of pipes, chutes and funnels – over short distances.

reflection immersible probe, online fluid media control

PSS-H-CR2 Immersible Probe

The PSS-H-CR2 reflection immersible probe can be easily integrated into pipelines or reactors. The innovative design with integrated reference enables you to control fluid media such as liquids, dispersions or pastes online. The probe can also be used for food analysis purposes.

Fiber Sensor Heads

PSS-H-117 Fiber Sensor Head

The PSS-H-117, PSS-H-217, PSS-H-125 and PSS-H-225 fiber sensor heads are used for transmission measurements (e.g. gases) or passive measurements (e.g. hot steel or glass).

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