Measuring Systems for Spectroscopy

The Polytec portfolio includes both devices based on well-established and proven technologies and innovative products. All our spectrometers are robust, easy to install and simple to operate. The user-friendly concept and the software that can be learned intuitively enable the user to obtain reliable and meaningful measurement data within a short space of time. Our many years of experience with spectroscopic methods guarantee sound advice and thus an ideal solution for your application. 

Spectrometer Modules for OEM Solutions

The PSS-M and PRS-M polychromators for NIR or Raman spectroscopy are in-house developments from Polytec GmbH. They now form an integral part of a number of series products from our partners and even meet high sensitivity requirements. 

OEM modules, NIR

The innovative transmission grating design of the PSS-M polychromator for NIR spectroscopy guarantees maximum sensitivity and extremely low scattered light levels. 

OEM modules, Raman

The PRS-M polychromator module for Raman spectroscopy offers superior sensitivity and a spectral resolution that covers a multitude of applications.