New dome and ring lights for harsh environmental conditions

Polytec, the European machine vision specialist, presents new IP68 and FDA compliant dome and ring lights from its US partner Spectrum Illumination.

The dust tight and watertight lights have been designed for use in the food, beverages and pharmaceuticals sectors as well as in harsh environmental conditions. Both stainless steel illuminants are fitted with 24 VDC high-power LEDs, thereby providing the high level of lighting performance that the Monster Lights are known for. Control devices to regulate the lighting are included with delivery. The lights are available in five colours, three shades of white and in infrared.   

The dome light has an inner diameter of 177 mm. It has been designed to be self-draining in the event that liquid collects in the dome. The ring light has been developed for long working distances and large fields of view, and has an inner diameter of 215 mm. Both lights have a warranty of three years.   

Polytec offers exclusive advice, sales and service for all Spectrum Illumination lighting throughout Europe. 

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