Workshop on Advanced Methods and Tools for Optical Characterization of Microsystems

The aim of this workshop is to discuss needs, challenges, and trends in the development, testing, and metrology of micro structures with experts from both industry and academia.

Who should attend: Technical professionals involved in MEMS and micro structure development, manufacturing and testing, from device manufacturers, integrators, research institutes, and equipment and technology suppliers with a strong interest in optical metrology.

Besides classical MEMS sensors and actuators, the focus of the event is also on topics as micro acoustic devices, lab-on-a-chip solutions and other microstructures requiring advanced optical metrology for characterization in R&D and quality control.

We will discuss measurement methods and applications for static topography analysis and for characterizing dynamic properties with special focus on challenging topics of current interest as ultra-high-frequency measurement in the GHz regime or measuring into capped MEMS devices.

Registration Fee: EUR 175

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