Polytec systems for wafer level testing of MEMS

Polytec’s Micro System Analyzer (MSA-600) is probe station compatible for full field dynamic response and surface topography measurements of MEMS at the wafer level.  Wafer level tests of MEMS can provide an effective means of quality control and reduce costs related to packaging devices that do not meet specifications.   Polytec’s MSA system uses laser Doppler vibrometry for fast, real-time dynamic response measurements with resolution down to the picometer level and frequency bandwidth to 24 MHz.  Use with an automated probe station allows quick measurements at select locations on a wafer.  Resonance frequency can be measured at a single point on the structure in milliseconds. The probe station steps to the next device and the same measurement is repeated with fast through put times . The end result is a wafer map displaying quantitative values used for “pass/fail” criteria. Examples of this capability are presented for several measurement studies.