Navcon Engineering hands-on modal testing seminar

Navcon Engieering Network

701 W. Las Palmas Drive

Fullerton, CA 92835

Navcon Engineerig training events are intended for those involved with modal test planning, data acquisition, parameter estimation, test-analysis correlation and troubleshooting noise & vibration problems.

The class is recommended for engineers and scientists who want to learn more about vibration data acquisition and modal analysis. You will also learn about non-contact, laser-based measurements by running experiments with the Polytec Portable Digital Vibrometer (PDV) and the Polytec Scanning Laser Vibrometer (PSV) which is used for mapping vibration over surface areas and determining operational deflection shapes.

For a detailed agenda and online registration please visit Navcon's website.

Use code "Polytec 3D" to receive a 10% discount.

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