Fullerton, CA

Navcon Engineering 4-day hands-on modal testing & analysis training

Polytec would like to invite you to register for Navcon Engineering's upcoming Hands-On Modal Testing Seminars, which will be held Aug 17-20, Sept 14-17, Oct 19-22, Dec 7-10, 2021. These training events are intended for those involved with modal test planning, data acquisition, parameter estimation, test-analysis correlation and troubleshooting noise & vibration problems.

The class is recommended for engineers and scientists who want to learn more about vibration data acquisition and modal analysis. You will also learn about non-contact, laser-based measurements by running experiments with the Polytec VibroGo® and the Polytec Scanning Laser Vibrometer (PSV) which is used for mapping vibration over surface areas and determining operational deflection shapes.

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