Introduction to non-contact full-field 3D surface metrology using macroscopic and microscopic optical profilers

Learn about the benefits of non-contact full-field 3D surface metrology using optical profilers. Polytec offers a wide range of advanced instruments for R&D and in-line quality control applications in industrial environment covering applications from large object profilometry to microscopic roughness and texture analysis. The unique technology of Polytec's macroscopic TopMap profilers offers significant benefits for measuring precision machined parts with complex, high aspect ratio features. The webinar will cover some applications in the automotive, medical, semiconductor, appliance, MEMS and tribology fields. It will also explain how white light interferometry works and describe some unique features including ECT Environmental Compensation Technology, Smart Surface Scanning, telecentric optics (for measuring around deep holes and steep edges) and the ability to measure large surfaces.

Topics will include:

  • Concept and theory of white-light interferometry
  • Examples of quality control and R&D applications


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