The Acoustic Cameras

When trying to locate and understand sound sources the Acoustic Camera is the measurement tool of choice. Using acoustic beamforming, the Acoustic Camera becomes a quick, easy, and powerful tool in sound source localization and analysis in a wide variety of applications.

Services & Support

We offer variety of programs; including testing services, system rentals, user trainings, hardware maintenance and repair. These services are intended to support and simplify our customer’s tasks, improving their access to quality data and resulting in cost effective timely solutions to their needs.

Application Services

In addition to testing services in various application areas, either onsite or in our laboratories, we can support you with our PolyXperts throughout the entire project. Let us even do your measurements for you, or let us help you with your acoustic analysis.

Customer Support

We are offering to all users - from beginners to specialists - to refresh their knowledge and exchange ideas with our PolyXperts during trainings, seminars and user conferences.