With more and more automated processes being introduced in production the need to monitor the health of the equipment is increasing. Any downtime in production is translated to a loss of profit. One way to decrease this downtime is by using The Acoustic Camera for preventative maintenance. Being able to identify a potential part failure before it happens will allow for a decrease in time needed for repair and thus lower production line downtime.

Preventative maintenance

Stopping thepProblem before it occurs

A production line that is down is a plant manager’s worst nightmare. Not only does this translate to a monetary loss but it also adds stress to the people involved. A traditional method of maintenance is one to wait until a problem arises and approach it at that point. In today’s fast moving world, this is no longer acceptable. By using the Acoustic Camera, production facilities are able to monitor their equipment and locate failing parts before they completely fail, possibly causing additional damage. This method allows for the least amount of downtime saving a lot of money in all aspects of the repair.

Fault detection

End of the line testing done right

End of the line testing is crucial to making sure your standards are upheld. Not only can faulty production just have a consumer perception impact but it can, in some product lines, have safety impact. This can make end of the line testing a requirement in some cases. The Acoustic Camera can be used in many different end of the line tests where acoustic information is telling.

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