Measuring vibrations perpendicular to the component plane 

The Polytec IPV-100 In-Plane Vibrometer allows you to perform non-contact vibration and movement measurements perpendicular to the measurement axis – ideal if the measurement point is only accessible from the side. You can thus measure the stroke movements of pistons, valve shafts and tools, for example, or perform highly dynamic strain measurements.

Measure with a high resolution and in real time…

  • In-plane velocities including standstill and reverse motion
  • e.g. the stroke movements of pistons, valve shafts or tools, including in the ultrasonic range
  • or highly dynamic strain measurements


  • Measurement of in-plane velocities including standstill and reverse motion up to 100 m/s
  • Large stand-off distance
  • Small measurement volume: measurement possible on thin wires thanks to µm laser spot size
  • A non-contact measurement method records dynamic velocity in a completely undistorted way
  • Suitable for ultrasonic measurements thanks to the frequency bandwidth of up to 250 kHz
  • Also suitable for complete quality control thanks to the robust design

Accessories and components

Icon accessory
Icon accessory

IPV-A-P01 Adapter Plate

For mounting the LSV-065 and IPV-I-100 sensor heads to model VIB-A-T02 tripods.

A-LAG-0690 Laser Adjustment Goggle

Facilitates the precise pointing of the laser on the device under test.

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