Empowering today's students with the best tools for vibration measurement

Qualified Universities receive:

  • Use of Polytec‘s Portable Laser Vibrometers (PDV) for Vibration Lab Experiments. The PDV systems are ready to use and include full Vibsoft-20 Data Acquisition and analysis software.
  • Lab experiment designed to teach vibration testing and measurement of parameters such as resonance frequency, damping and deflection.
  • Support from our Polytec Application Engineers.
  • Lectures available from our Polytec Experts showing the principles of LDV technology and real-life examples how it is used for a wide range of applications (Aerospace, Micro structures, Electronics, Biomedical, Ultrasound, etc…).
  • Access to Polytec’s wide range instrumentation for qualified projects: Single Point Vibrometers, Full Field Vibrometers, Microscope Based Vibrometers, 3D Vibrometers.