Technical service

Optical measurement systems keep their value even after many years of use. Modularly structured service will help you to maintain the equipment to be ready for use with its latest technical revision at any time. Therefore please make sure that your Polytec Systems are serviced at your closest Polytec Support Center. This will ensure the correct operation of the equipment even after many years in use and just as effectively as at the very beginning.

Depending on your preference, the dimensions and weight of your measurement system, we can perform the service for most systems either onsite at your location or at one of our service centers. In the latter case we can even offer to arrange packing and transportation for you. 

You will find support centers in Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan and China. As an ISO 9001 certified partner, we will provide all necessary service for you. The basic modules of our service are calibration, preventive maintenance, repair and software updates.

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Calibration ensures validity of the measurement results and certifies the Polytec measuring instruments to close the loop with your ISO Standard and QM regulations. The controllers are calibrated by matching various sensitive signal ratios. Alignment and calibration will be carried out with certified calibration tools which also follow regular traceable calibration procedures in accordance with ISO standards.

Preventive maintenance

Highly sophisticated optical measurement equipment needs limited, but very precise care in order to maintain the original equipment specifications and precision. This includes cleaning, potential realigning of the optics, and eventually replacement of worn parts, maintenance of mechanical units and functional tests. Contact your next technical service center. Upon request we schedule the replacement of worn laser tubes.


In the unlikely event, a component of your Polytec measurement equipment should show any sort of defect, we will provide fast and reliable repair with original spare parts, including maintenance of the entire system to make sure everything works well again. Most spare parts are provided from stock. To keep your system up to the latest revisions, we supply parts with the latest improvements and firmware revisions included.