Full-field vibrometers

Full-field vibrometers keep the focus firmly on complex vibration behaviour over the entire surface and work contactlessly according to the laser Doppler principle. Polytec offers you turnkey solutions for everything from characterizing stationary vibration processes with scanning vibrometers to multipoint vibrometers (that measure in parallel) for non-stationary and transient processes. They shorten development times by giving you a comprehensive and precise insight into the dynamic behaviour of vibrating structures. They visualize eigenmodes and operational deflection shapes in a meaningful way and provide you with data quality that takes simulation model validation to a whole new level. Full-field vibrometers are complete solutions that are made up of sensor technology, data acquisition and analysis software. You can gradually retrofit and expand all the systems and also fully automate scanning vibrometers as your requirements grow.

PSV-500 Scanning Vibrometer

Das PSV Scanning Vibrometer misst Schwingungen berührungslos und flächenhaft. Als flexible und erweiterbare Plattform meistert es schnell und effizient selbst anspruchsvolle Schwingungsmessaufgaben. Setzen Sie anwendungsspezifisches Zubehör ein oder erweitern Sie es zu einem 3D-Messsystem. Mit dem scannenden Laser-Doppler Vibrometer erfassen und visualisieren Sie Betriebsschwingformen und Eigenmoden auf elegante und hochpräzise Weise.

PSV-500-3D Scanning Vibrometer

PSV-3D Scanning Vibrometers measure 3D dynamics in research and product development in a reliable and precise way. The deflection shapes and Eigen modes detected help you with everything from NVH, acoustic and structurally dynamic issues to ultrasonic analyses, FEM validation and non-destructive testing.

MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer

48 eyes see more than one. The multipoint vibrometer opens up completely new vibration analysis possibilities for you – even for transient processes and on surfaces where tactile measurement methods reach their limits. The laser-based MPV-800 describes deflection shapes as a function of frequency and – for the first time ever – time too.


By combining a 3D scanning vibrometer and an industrial robot, RoboVib® offers you an automated measuring station for measuring everything from complex components to complete vehicle bodies. Both the amount of time required and the sources of error – especially in experimental modal analysis – are reduced significantly. So you can thoroughly test a vehicle body, for example, in just one to two days, whereas you would previously have needed weeks to even prepare for the test itself.