TopMap In.Line

Fast optical surface inspections right in the production line

Surface inspections in the production line

The TopMap In.Line is totally tailored to the needs of quality assurance in production, when cycle times dictate the production conditions. It is the ideal system when you want to precisely, contactlessly and rapidly measure surfaces at a high throughput speed.

Surface metrology for in-line measurenment

The compact design of the TopMap In.Line allows easy integration into production lines. This optical surface measuring instrument checks form deviations, such as flatness or ripple, reliably and within short cycle times. The TopMap In.Line even characterizes areas inside holes and step heights as well.

A special piece of measurement and analysis software with an open software architecture that can be remotely controlled is supplied as well. By customizing the software, you can automate process workflows with extreme ease. You can directly export data to your in-house database for this purpose. The integrated QS-STAT™ export enables you to reliably analyze process data as well.

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