Polytec’s optical surface metrology range includes innovative, high-precision and non-contact tools. They are based on the principle of white-light interferometry, which is also known as coherent or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. Thanks to their large vertical range and nanometer resolution, they are perfect for contactlessly measuring the flatness, step heights and parallelism of large surfaces and structures – on almost all materials.

Optical 3D surface profilers

White-light interferometers are optical 3D surface profilers and the ideal solution for inspecting functional surfaces with utmost precision and reliability. TopMap surface metrology systems measure form parameters like step-height, waviness, flatness and parallelism, as well as roughness and microstructures in all environments from research laboratories, close to and in production lines.


In addition to an intuitive operation of the topography measurement systems, the TMS measurement and analysis software enables easy filtering and analysing of your measurement data. For the automated analysis of routine measurement tasks, the open software architecture offers also a application-specific and user-configurable interface.

Measurement Services

The range of Polytec services available allows anyone to characterize surfaces of precision engineered products using our engineering services and system rentals. That way, you can make use of our ultra-modern measuring technology investing in your a own instrument. We can also offer you our customer training sessions and application support services.

Technical Service

Optical measurement systems keep their value even after many years of use. Modularly structured Service will help you to maintain the equipment to be ready for use with its latest technical revision at any time. Therefore please ensure that your Polytec Systems are regularly serviced at your nearest Polytec Support Center. This ensures correct operation after many years in use just as accurately as at the very beginning of its service life. Dependent on your preferences we can perform the Service for your Topography Measurements Systems either onsite at your location or at one of our Service Centers. In the latter case we can even offer to arrange packing and transportation for you.