Polytec Workshop: Optical Characterization of Microstructures

On October 24, 2019 Polytec will host the international Workshop: „Advanced Methods and Tools for the Optical Characterization of Microstructures“ at its Waldbronn headquarters in Germany.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss needs, challenges, and trends in the development, testing, and metrology of micro structures with experts from industry and academia. The event will present the most current applications and measurement methods for analyzing static topography and characterizing dynamic properties. Special focus is on challenging topics of current interest such as ultra-high-frequency measurement up to the GHz range, measuring into capped MEMS devices or test strategies using precision mechanical excitation.

Contributors include leading experts from MEMS institutes, industry and equipment manufacturers, such as EPFL, TU Munich, FormFactor, Spektra Dresden, TU Delft, Czech Academy of Science, IMMS Erfurt/Ilmenau and Polytec.

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