Making vehicles quieter

Droning, humming, squeaking and rattling are typical acoustic problems found in vehicles – and particularly in lightweight construction. They are a source of irritation to end customers and consequently need to be eliminated. The term NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) is an umbrella term used to refer to all those measures that enhance acoustic comfort for drivers and passengers alike.

Developing quiet, low-vibration products is a joint simulation and testing task. Polytec’s Scanning Vibrometers allow you to unveil sources of sound radiation quantitatively and with high spatial resolution. Inverse panel contribution measurements and qualification of damping materials (sound package) are made a great deal easier with the automatic scanning process.

You can use a Scanning Vibrometer to examine the source of sound excitation in detail and, in so doing, identify the structure-borne sound transmission paths and the causative deflection shape. The 3D visualization of the operational deflection shapes helps the NVH engineer to quickly come up with ideas to solve the problem – even just before production starts.

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