Securing the functionality of lab-on-a-chip devices

Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices (LOC) implement a multitude of occurring processes on the smallest of spaces. Use Polytec TopMap surtace metrology for quality inspection of, for example, the dimensions of microfluidic channels and find out how deep and wide the channels are, in order to determine the total volume or to localize flatness of lab-on-a-chips. No matter what LOC applications you’re deploying, Polytec offers you the perfect high-resolution solution for flexible use.

The TopMap Pro.Surf with a large measuring field and high z-axis resolution records an entire LOC’s channel depths with just one measurement. The telecentric, optical configuration has a parallel light beam path, which can be used to measure the channel base almost entirely without any shadowing effects. Keeping the z-axis resolution constant, TopMap systems quickly and easily adapts the lateral resolution to changing measuring tasks by changing lenses.

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