Bangkok, Thailand


Also this year we are very excited to present our measurement solutions at METEC:

Process Control by non-contact speed and length measurement

Precise speed and length measurements are critical for controlling the production of continuous materials, sheet materials and piece goods. ProSpeed® – the next generation LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters – optimize production processes by providing reliable measurements and increase the output worldwide in the metals, cable and converting industries.

The ProSpeed® LSV measure reliably even under harsh production conditions with large working distances up to 3 m and outstanding depth of field. Due to the non-contact measurement principle, these laser sensors eliminate common problems of traditional contact-wheel measurement methods such as damage to delicate surfaces, slippage and thermal expansion and work on almost any surface.

The enhanced connectivity of the ProSpeed® sensor generation ensures transparency in process control – anywhere and anytime. Web interface, multi-user access, fieldbus protocols and vast accessories offer flexible and customized solutions. For additional protection, choose the thermo-protective housing (TPH).

As an international industry gathering, the METEC is the exhibition event for the metallurgical technology of tomorrow! The METEC focuses consistently upon reflecting on challenges in order to recognise the requirements of the future. The best metallurgy experts in the world are meeting to exchange ideas and experience.

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