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Speed and length measurement with laser precision and up to 3 m stand-off distance.

Precise speed and length measurements are critical for controlling the production of continuous materials, sheet materials and piece goods. ProSpeedTM – the next generation LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters – optimize production processes by providing reliable measurements and increase the output worldwide in the metals, cable and converting industries. 

Due to the highly precise, non-contact measurement principle, ProSpeedTM laser sensors eliminate common problems of traditional contact-wheel measurement methods such as damage to delicate surfaces, slippage and thermal expansion on almost any surface.

The enhanced connectivity of the ProSpeedTM LSV-2100 ensures transparency – anywhere and anytime. The optical sensor determines the direction of motion and standstill conditions, with extended stand-off distances of up to 3 m, adding flexibility for measurements under harsh conditions. For additional protection, choose the thermo-protective housing (TPH).

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速度と長さを測定するためのProSpeed LSV-2100光学センサー
ProSpeed LSV-2100光センサは生産工程での速度と長さの制御