MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer

Capturing MEMS’ Vibrations and Topography with a Single Instrument

Capturing MEMS’ Vibrations and Topography with a Single Instrument

The MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer is the all-in-one instrument – the only one of its kind in the world – for static and dynamic 3D characterization of MEMS modules and microstructures. By integrating a microscopic lens with scanning laser Doppler vibrometry, stroboscopic video microscopy and white-light interferometry, this micro system analyzer offers you the ideal all-in-one solution that you can use to extensively analyze vibrating microstructures and their topography. You can quickly identify resonance frequencies and have associated deflection shapes and even transient processes visualized in a reliable and clear manner.

Your premium tool for analyzing MEMS and microstructures

In the event of broadband excitation, you can use the highly sensitive laser vibrometer to swiftly identify all the mechanical resonances (in-plane and out-of-plane) in a single pass without the necessity of any prior information about the component. Perform full-field scans of microscopic components and get undistorted measuring results for the structural dynamics (out-of-plane) at bandwidths of up to 24 MHz. Would you like to examine in-plane vibration behaviour more closely? Then all you have to do is simply use stroboscopic video microscopy in a second step to get information about amplitudes and phases.

Compatible with common probe stations, the micro system analyzer helps you in all stages of development – from MEMS prototyping to testing and troubleshooting – and thus helps you to cut production costs and also shorten the time to market. The Polytec MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer was crowned winner of the 2005 Sensor Innovation Award and the Photonics Circle of Excellence for its innovative technology.

Wafer-Level and Single-Die Testing

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