MSA-050 Micro System Analyzer

Full-Field vibration measurements on small components

Full-Field vibration measurements on small components

You can use Polytec’s MSA-050 Micro System Analyzer to record vibrations on small components and microsystems with a high degree of precision over the entire surface. The device works contactlessly and therefore measures the dynamics of even small samples in a completely undistorted way. The tried-and-tested and continuously optimized Polytec scanning vibrometer software makes operating the instrument child’s play and allows the user to create clear animations of the measuring results.

The entry-level testing solution for microstructures

The micro system analyzer is made up of a compact table-top stand with a manual z-axis and a digital single-point vibrometer. The MSA-050 is equipped with a motorized xy table. The sample is moved and scanned using the software for full-field vibration measurement. All the electronics are housed in a 19” electronics rack to create a space-saving solution.

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