MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer

Synchronous optical vibration testing and modal analysis with up to 48 channels

Synchronous optical vibration testing and modal analysis with up to 48 channels

The laser-based MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer from Polytec allows for time-synchronous vibration measurement with up to 48 optical channels. The MPV-800 measures the true dynamics of vibrating structures, representing animated deflection shapes in both the frequency and time domain. The fiber-optic sensor heads are freely configurable, allowing to flexibly adapt to the individual vibration testing task. Arrange all laser sensors parallel to the sample surface for a full-field analysis or use a 3D measurement array surrounding the measurement sample and gathering real-time measurement data from all angles at the very same moment.

Perfectly capture the defining moment in modal testing

You can use the MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer to analyze time-critical phenomena with maximum resolution:

  • Full-field evaluation of settling & decay events
  • Non-stationary processes (e.g. fluid machines, valves)
  • Environmental tests with variable excitation profiles or temperatures
  • Run-up of electric drives and combustion engines
  • Transient events (e.g. shock, switching)

The Polytec MPV software allows you to conveniently configure all the channels (both optical channels plus reference channels) and the optional signal generator. The deflection shapes in both the time and the frequency range are shown superimposed on the 3D geometry of the test object for further analysis and clear visualization.

Use the MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer for vibration testing on lightweight or hot objects from a distance – especially at test objects with sensitive or soft surfaces – without influencing the sample and the sample dynamics due to mass-loading. Such measurements also include biomedical applications, where the easy to use, non-critical laser technology is particularly beneficial.

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MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer for door-slam testing

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