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Laser Doppler vibrometers, which are used to measure a multitude of the overall hard disk drive system’s and its sub-components’ dynamic properties, have proven themselves to be indispensable tools when it comes to developing computer hard disk drives. The vibrational properties of the delicate mechatronic or microelectromechanical systems of the read/write heads including the actuators and suspension can be determined in experiments only when using non-contact optical measurement methods such as laser vibrometry. Only methods such as this have the required resolution and dynamics to carry out modal and resonance tests for the purpose of determining and optimizing dynamic parameters and usage conditions. Laser vibrometers also help you to identify the causes of noise in the drive system during noise tests, so that you can then purposefully implement constructive measures to reduce the noise being emitted to below the perception threshold. Vibrometers have also proven to be highly efficient sensors for monitoring quality in production.