LSV-1000/-2000 MID Laser Surface Velocimeter

MID-Certified Length and Speed Measurement for Calibrated Systems

MID-Certified for Calibrated Systems

Whenever goods are sold by length in the EU, they need to be measured on calibrated equipment. The LSV-1000 MID is certified in line with 2004/22/EC and is therefore prepared for use in such systems.

Knowing the exact strip length and the current velocity is also key if you are to optimize your costs and processes. Non-contact sensors such as the LSV-1000 laser surface velocimeter far exceed the performance of conventional contact-based and contactless measurement methods. At the same time, they offer a high level of robustness and reliability in challenging industrial environments and benefit from both minimal maintenance requirements and low maintenance costs.

Data security and transparence for calibrated systems

Combined with the easy process integration and convenient operation, the high level of data security makes the LSV-1000 MID your measuring instrument of choice for reliable processes, controlled velocity and precise cut-to-length applications.

Make the most of the application advantages offered by laser-based optical length and velocity measurements and, at the same time, benefit from the cost-effectiveness and simple integration as a result of the flexible interface concept (digital I/O, Ethernet, encoder output).

The LSV-1000 MID consists of an LSV-1000-20 MID sensor head and an LSV-A-110 MID connection box with an integrated panel PC.