Optical Distance, Thickness and Roughness Measurement

Optical Distance, Thickness and Roughness Measurement

Polytec’s configurable, chromatic confocal sensors of the TopSens series enable fast quality inspections in-line. The non-contact distance sensors are used to check fill levels in automated production processes. Thanks to optical measuring technology, even measuring the thickness of transparent materials such as glass is also easy to do. Roughness as per the ISO 25178 standard is measured quicker than is the case with tactile processes and without any risk of causing surface damage. When used in conjunction with 3D scanners, these sensors allow for 2D and 3D measurement of complex objects or assemblies with sub-micrometer resolution.

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The compact 3D workstation TMS-100 TopMap Metro.Lab

TMS-150 TopMap Metro.Lab

Being a complete measuring station, the TopMap Metro.Lab is ideally suited to large-area topographies on almost all surfaces. Since it offers great value for money, it is also attractive for smaller companies with fewer tasks.

The surface measurement system TMS-350 TopMap In.Line quickly characterizes surfaces in the production line

TMS-350 TopMap In.Line

The TopMap In.Line’s compact design means it can be easily integrated into the production line and quickly carries out checks on differently reflective surfaces. Steps, larger ripples or other surface structures do not pose any problems here.

The surface measurement system TMS-500 TopMap Pro.Surf with ist large field of view

TMS-500 TopMap Pro.Surf

Ideal for quick and precise 3D surface characterization. The areal measurement ensures that no details are overlooked. Short measuring times and a large field-of-view characterize the TopMap Pro.Surf.

TMS-500-R TopMap Pro.Surf+

The new all-in-one system from Polytec. The precision of a white-light interferometer, complemented by chromatic confocal sensors to overcome form deviations and any roughness determined with one device. Pro.Surf+ measures topography over a large area and, in...

The surface measurement system TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab

TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab

With the TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab, you can characterize microstructures’ surfaces with a very high lateral resolution. The optical profilometer contactlessly determines parameters such as texture, flatness, ripple and roughness on both fine and sensitive...