Measurement Services

The range of Polytec measurement services available allows anyone to characterize surfaces of precision engineered products using our engineering services and system rentals. That way, you can make use of our ultra-modern measuring technology without investing in your a own instrument. We can also offer you our customer training sessions and application support services. Please do not hesitate to contact our PolyXperts team with any questions about our available instruments.

Engineering services and rentals

Our PolyXperts are looking forward to supporting you with measurement services- whether in our modern labs or at your premises. We’d be happy to guide and consult you at any stage. Besides outsourcing, ask for our rental equipment, expanding your capabilities.

Seminars and Training Sessions

We offer all users, from beginners, to specialists, the chance to refresh their specialist knowledge and to exchange ideas with our experts during technology days, in seminars and at user conferences.