Software Solutions for Device Control and for Data Acquisition and Analysis

The range of solutions on offer includes software packages both for in-lab analysis and for process monitoring. For in-lab analyses, you can use PAS LABS with its comprehensive configuration options for the measurement process. The software enables quick and convenient data acquisition. For process applications, Polytec offers you customized software solutions which you can configure in many different ways – from appropriate measurement process control, to communication with the process control system. The portfolio is rounded off by compatible software packages from renowned providers for multivariate data analysis. 

PAS SERV Process Software

Software for simple process integration.

PSS-S-HOP Harvester Software

Special software for mobile online applications on harvesters such as combines.

Multivariate data analysis

Software packages for chemometric method development.

PAS LABS Laboratory Software

Software for system control and for data acquisition and evaluation.

PAS DRV Hardware Driver

Hardware driver package for convenient implementation in external software solutions