Nuremberg, Germany

Sensor + Test 2023

Since 1967, Polytec provides high-technology optical measurement systems to researchers and engineers around the world. Based upon sophisticated optical core technologies Polytec develops, manufactures and distributes leading solutions for the measurement of vibration and acoustics, speed and length for process control of endless material, surface topography and process analytics for quality control.
Main application areas in the automotive & transportation, aerospace & NDT, micro & nano technology, PV/solar & semiconductors, life sciences & bio-medical, industrial quality & process control, data storage, acoustics & ultrasonics, materials research, mechanical & civil engineering. The company also focuses on consulting, sales and service of fiberoptic sensing systems for temperature and strain profile measurement, high end 3D scanners as well as industrial imaging solutions for monitoring and quality control from the x-ray to the infrared wavelength range.

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