2019 issue of our magazine “InFocus” now available!

Just as creative and colorful as art can be – our measurement technology covers a similarly wide scope and diversity of customer applications. Things in common are the curiosity and ambition to improve and go beyond our current knowledge to create something new.

The world is not static. When something moves or vibrates, when complex mechanical systems interact or insects communicate, no matter if the response is a desired behavior or an unwanted side effect, researchers and engineers around the world know that they can rely on Polytec to support their scientific approach. Our latest optical measurement solutions endeavor to fully and precisely understand the core of our customer’s tasks in research, development and production environments.

In this exciting issue, learn how the dynamics of golf clubs can be analyzed; understand how precious pieces of art can be protected; read about new and improved industrial quality control that relies on acquiring large amounts of high-precision surface data. Get inspired and contact us for innovative solutions to your own measurement applications. 

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