RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer

Non-contact measurement of rotational vibrations

Non-contact measurement of rotational vibrations

With the Polytec RLV-5500 Rotational Vibrometer, you can conduct non-contact measurements of the angular velocity and angular displacement of rotational vibrations on any shape of rotating structure. The RLV-5500 helps you to precisely analyze the rotational dynamics of drivetrains, gas turbines, electrical generators, printers and copiers, and thus enables you to develop products efficiently, and perform troubleshooting operations quickly. The process is precise, contactless and therefore requires no additional masses or mechanical intervention in the drive.

Rotational speed, angular velocity and angle of rotation

The RLV-5500 Rotational Vibrometer’s powerful digital decoders guarantee an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high-resolution measurement results. The extremely compact sensor allows you to perform measurements even in places where space is tight. For applications carried out in a harsh industrial environment, the sensor head is equipped with an integral air purge system that keeps the lens free from oil mist and dust.

Perform non-contact and reliable measurements…

  • Rotational speed, changes to angular velocity, changes to the angle of rotation
  • At speed ranges of up to 20,000 rpm at a bandwidth of 10 kHz
  • On hard-to-access areas with a 90° deflection unit
  • In harsh environments thanks to the IP67 protection class
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