HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer

Optical vibration measurement at high speeds

Optical vibration measurement at high speeds

The HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer allows you to simultaneously measure displacements and vibrational velocities up to 40 m/s. Configure the HSV as a multi-channel measurement system for the precise, synchronized multi-channel test setup for e.g. comparing valve elevation curves with the desired value at different speeds on the motor test bench. At the same time you can investigate phenomena such as valve bounce in the kilohertz range or the timing between cylinders. The digital decoders in the HSV-100 provide you with low-noise and therefore unambiguous results and can compensate for the test bench’s vibrations.

Measure vibrations with high resolution in real time

  • Valve train dynamics of combustion engines
  • Valve bouncing
  • Impact strength analyses for evaluation of material properties
  • Durability tests on turbine blades
  • Explosion and pyroshock

This non-contact measurement method records the dynamic velocity and displacement quantities in a completely undistorted way, while tracking filters guarantee reliable measurement results even from difficult surfaces.The compact sensro head is suitable for any confined spatial conditions and narrow test setups. For challenging setups, use the optional beam deflection unit , e.g. for motor test benches. The robust sensor head (protection class IP 64) is especially suitable for harsh industrial environments, providing flexibility with variable stand-off distance and a frequency bandwidth up to 50 kHz (optional 250 kHz). The integrated signal level displays on both the controller and the sensor head help to adjust the visible laser spot in order for the optimum measurement setup according to the "point and shoot" operation principle. A signal level output allows monitoring the signal quaility at all times.  

The precise differential measurement using two laser beams allows for compensating typical test bench vibrations. The High Speed Vibrometer measures synchronously with an arbitrary number of channels with correct phase relation, offering vibrational velocity and displacement signal output at the same time.

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Valvetrain Measurement

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