OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer

Non-contact vibration analysis with a versatile laser vibrometer system

Non-contact vibration analysis

The OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer allows for customer- and application-specific configurations. Choose from different sensor heads to best suit your specific measuring task and configure the decoders regarding the required vibrational displacement, velocities and acceleration.

The OFV-5000 controller is the core of the modular vibrometer. It decodes the sensor head’s signals in real time. To this end, you can choose from a wide selection of high-performance vibration displacement, acceleration and vibrational velocity decoders that cover the frequency range from DC to 24 MHz, vibrational velocities up to ±25 m/s and displacement resolutions down to 0.1 pm.

Versatile optical vibration analysis

Choose from a variety of sensor heads depending on your application. The OFV-505 Sensor Head provides you with great signal quality and an automatic and remote focus. The OFV-534 Compact Sensor Head cuts an impressive figure with its optional camera and microscope lenses. The OFV-551 / 552 Fiber-Optic Sensor Heads measure in confined spaces with limited access (fiber probe diameter down to 1.4 mm small) and can even measure relative movements with two fiber probes.

The innovative Xtra technology of the OFV-5000 Xtra Laser Vibrometer allows even measuring on dark, biological, moving or rotating objects – and shows its potential especially on larger stand-off distances and at higher velocities up to ±25 m/s.

Thanks to the idea of “Point, Shoot and Measure”, this laser vibrometer system is ready for use within a few minutes. The optional VibSoft data acquisition and evaluation software complements the instrument as an effective and convenient data analysis solution.

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