OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer

The Flexible Way to Measure Vibrations – with a Modular and Extendable Solution

The Flexible Way to Measure Vibrations – with a Modular and Extendable Solution

Laser vibrometers from Polytec combine precise optical vibration measurements with simple and fast operation. They work without any contact whatsoever and can thus measure vibrations on even small and lightweight components in a completely undistorted way. The flexible set-up of the OFV-5000 modular vibrometer allows for customer- and application-specific configurations. What makes the device so modular is the selection of different sensor heads and the fact that the controller can be individually configured to suit specific requirements for measuring vibrational displacement and velocities.

Versatile vibration measurement

The OFV-5000 controller is the core of the modular vibrometer. It decodes the sensor head’s signals in real time. To this end, you can choose from a wide selection of high-performance vibration displacement and vibrational velocity decoders that cover the frequency range from DC to 24 MHz, vibrational velocities up to ±10 m/s (or 20 m/s with OFV-5000-S) and displacement resolutions up to 0.1 pm. For ultrasonic applications, the OFV-2570 variant (High Frequency Vibrometer Controller) with a bandwidth of 10 MHz or 24 MHz offers vibrational velocities of up to 3 m/s and a vibration displacement resolution of up to 75 nm. Meanwhile, the PC-based variant – VDD PC Based Digital Vibrometer – with its sub-picometer resolution is ideal for MEMS and data storage applications.

You can choose from a variety of sensor heads depending on your application: The OFV-505 Sensor Head provides you with outstanding signal quality with automatic and remote focus. The OFV-534 Compact Sensor Head cuts an impressive figure with its optional camera and microscope lenses. The OFV-551 / 552 Fiber-Optic Sensor Heads work even in confined space conditions (fiber probe diameter: 10 mm or 1.4 mm) and can even measure relative movements with two fiber probes.

The optional VibSoft data acquisition and evaluation software complements the instrument as an effective and convenient data analysis tool.

When used according to the “Point, Shoot and Measure” principle, the vibrometer system is ready for use within a few minutes: Once the sensor head is connected, first adjust the measuring range and the filter using the OFV-5000 touchscreen and then align the measuring laser to the object and your vibration data is provided at the signal output.